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Freese-Notis Network Topology For Web Server Co-Location
Freese-Notis global Internet has two separate 45-Meg connections to the Internet Backbone.

1 - 45Meg Pipe to AT&T through our Qwest OC-12 fiber connection.
1 - 45Meg Pipe to Level 3 through our McLeod USA OC-12 fiber connection.

These connections come into our building through completely separate paths offering complete redundancy. During peak usage, we probably run at about 25% of the available bandwidth capacity.

Freese-Notis has three Cisco 7206 VXR Routers for redundancy with our backbone connections.

Freese-Notis has a 75 Kilowatt modern Natural Gas powered generator installed as an alternative power source in the event of power outages.

Freese-Notis has an APC Symmetra in place to regulate power and provide surge protection for our data center.

Freese-Notis has two air-conditioners in the data center for redundancy.

Freese-Notis data center is a secure facility for server co-location of any type.

Freese-Notis offers on-call tech support 24/7 365 days a year in the event you need to access your machine after hours or on weekends.

IP Service, DNS, and related services are included with all co-locations contracts.

T-1 and DSL connections are available nationwide through multiple carriers.

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